Day Devet

Or day nine. Another day working from home. Trying to get my head around my long term planning. Getting a bit stuck. I realized I really need to go do some interviews. Hopefully next week my pre-determined contacts will be back from their holidays and I can start launching around questions and map the stakeholders. I think 3 of my four part questions are in the right ballpark. I’m still in doubt about the fourth because it looks a lot like the main question. Starting tomorrow I’m going to prepare my tools. I need to sketch out the presentations for […]

Day осем

Or, day eight. I read through some emailed information from Behzad about contacting my target audience. Progress is being made on that area. But first I wanted to finish up my introduction image. A4 size printable, the works; Now all that’s left is to copy this information to my one-pager and that will be done as well. But that’ll be done tonight by my super awesome housemate who is a million billion times better at coding than I am. He deserves a cake. Before I can redefine my process I had to take another look at my starting question(hypothesis) and […]

Day Sju

Sju is swedish for seven. Working the day from home. Not my favorite place to work. Hard to concentrate. This is where I sleep and relax, not work and stress. Anyways. Getting further with the introduction pager and the images. Not much to tell today. The images represent the social innovation process. I will use this to explain it to potential stakeholders as a means of introduction of what is going to happen.   Furthermore I made up the next to-do list: Contact target group Contact local health care instances Finish intro page Finish intro pdf Redefine process Improve graduation […]