GoBio animation

GoBio is a campagne started by syntens in cooperation with the dutch chamber of commerce. The campagne is focussed on stimulating the bio based industry. The video explains the viewer why the bio based industry should receive more attention. TheMindOffice was asked to do the website and other promotional materials for the campagne. They approached me to do the animation for them. The illustrations and voice over were supplied and I animated them and added a bit of soundFX.  

The start of something relevant

Or so I hope. Right now i’m finishing up the last half of my third year of Communication and Multimedia Design course. Which means that in not too much time, about a year and half, I’m going to start my graduation thesis. This is quite a big thing for me because I’ve been working towards it since day 1. Till my graduation and beyond I’m going to try to keep track of what I think is interesting and how I will arrive at the subject for my thesis. When I’m done and finished I can look back at what I’ve […]