SLC opdrachten

Gezien niet alle SLC opdrachten in een unieke blog post passen, althans naar mijn visie, bij deze een blogpost die de rest van de SLC opdrachten zal omvatten en referenties naar de invullingen van de andere opdachten. Opdracht 1; Minorkeuze Aldus hier. Opdracht 2. Analyse en strategie. 2A. Vacature-onderzoek. Aldus hier. Opdracht 3C: Reflectieverslag op adviesgesprek. Ik heb enkele eerste jaars feedback gegeven op opdrachten die zij presenteerde waarvan zij vonden dat het hun persoonlijkheid het beste liet zien. Ik zag al snel dat er een duidelijke onderverdeling was tussen studenten die richting visual, coding of concepting wilden groeien. Iets […]

Looking forward to the future

As the end of the third year is coming near so is my graduation in less than a year (dat rhyme…thing-y!). For me this means I have to keep a clear goal of where I want to go and what I should do to get there. (Un)fortunately lately I’ve been more focussed on the ‘now’ due to the organisation of the GovJam(more info will follow later, but I can tell you it is EPIC! Epic like service design!) and the dutch championship grappling I competed in(Ended on the fifth place, not too bad for a first time). Therefore I thought it’d […]

The choosing of a minor.

As the third school year is coming to an end it’s time to pick a minor. Picking a minor is a big deal because it can either deepen the knowledge or broaden it. For my it’s more about learning more about what I already know or have been in contact with. I know where I want to go when I grow up so I have a clearer image of what I need to do, in contrast to when I started Communication and Multimedia design. With this in mind I’ve started looking for minors. Using the website Kies op maat I got […]

GoBio animation

GoBio is a campagne started by syntens in cooperation with the dutch chamber of commerce. The campagne is focussed on stimulating the bio based industry. The video explains the viewer why the bio based industry should receive more attention. TheMindOffice was asked to do the website and other promotional materials for the campagne. They approached me to do the animation for them. Although the project was small in size it was a new experience. For the first time I was solely responsible for the animtion since the visuals were delivered. This gave me the chance to improve my animation skills through […]

The start of something relevant

Or so I hope. Right now i’m finishing up the last half of my third year of Communication and Multimedia Design course. Which means that in not too much time, about a year and half, I’m going to start my graduation thesis. This is quite a big thing for me because I’ve been working towards it since day 1. Till my graduation and beyond I’m going to try to keep track of what I think is interesting and how I will arrive at the subject for my thesis. When I’m done and finished I can look back at what I’ve […]